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Coop's Hanged Man Inn was a disreputable drinking establishment near the docks in the Mouse Quarter of Malaz City which catered to veterans and sailors.[1] It was directly across the street from the Deadhouse. Its proprietor was Coop. Temper, Braven Tooth, and Banaschar were all patrons of the establishment.

The inn's outer walls were made of large hand-hewn limestone of the same sort that lay in the many ruins on the island, attesting to its age.[2] It stood much lower than the street and the common room was reached by a steep set of treacherous, mould-slimed stairs. The saddle-backed stairs resembled a ship's companionway to the lowest hold and were frequently wet as rainwater runoff ran down them to pool and attract mosquitos at the base of the inn's oak door.[3][1][4] The stench of sewage water seeped up often enough through the ground near the front door that the old-timers named it "Stink".[1]

"The Hanged Man's common room was large and wide, the ceiling beams low enough to touch, or if one weren't attentive, seriously damage one's head on. They'd brought more than one drunk 's evening to an abrupt and painful end. Fat stone pillars stood in a double row down the chamber's centre as if marking a path from the entrance to the crackling, rowboat-sized fireplace directly opposite. Long oak tables stretched to either side of this central walk, shadowed in differing distance to the Fire. The stone walls were stark, unrelieved but for the occasional miniature vaulted recess, each now dimly illumined by a lamp. Most of the room's light, however came from bronze oil lanterns hung from crusted iron hooks set deep into the pillars and the walls. The huge fireplace lit the far end of the room with flickering amber light, dispelling the chill air of the chamber and adding, sullenly to the illumination."
―Description of the Inn's common room[src]

The room was hazy with the smoke of Rustleaf, Durhang and lantern oil.[1] Temper preferred one of the greasy benches among the booths that lined the back wall.[5][1]

Temper, Trenech, and Faro Balkat lived in rooms above the inn,[6] which Banaschar characterised generally as lice-infested rat-traps.[1] Seal's whitewashed brick and timber house lay behind the inn.[7]

A trough in the alley behind Coop's was used by patrons who needed to relieve themselves.[8]

Staff and regulars[edit | edit source]

Specialty Drinks[edit | edit source]

The inn was known for at least two unique drinks. Coop's Old Malazan Dark was a relatively strong and expensive drink favoured by Temper.[9][10] Coop's Leech Swill was "a weak, gassy ale that had acquired its name in an appropriately literal fashion." It was said a Napan sailor had once drank a keg of the stuff and blew off most of his backside when the eventual end product came in contact with one of the Inn's lantern wicks.[11]

In The Bonehunters[edit | edit source]

Following his return from Kartool City, Banaschar was a regular of Coop's. He spent many nights in the tavern getting drunk and conversing with Braven Tooth and Foreigner. Braven Tooth got drunk on Red-vine tea to mourn those lost at the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan.[12] The inn was also visited by the Tiste Andii Nimander Golit, Phaed, and their other kin from Drift Avalii after their rescue at sea. The Malazan soldiers, Mudslinger and Gentur, who had been rescued with them became regulars.[13]

Banaschar was sure he was being followed by those who opposed his attempts to communicate with High Mage Tayschrenn. On the night that Adjunct Tavore Paran came to Malaz City with the 14th Army, the Claw Saygen Maral waited in the bar to identify Banaschar to the Hand who had been sent to assassinate him once he stepped out back to relieve himself. But Banaschar left early before the Hand arrived and Saygen followed him, determined to complete the job himself. Braven Tooth noticed the Claw follow Banaschar out of the bar, and sent Mudslinger and Gentur to take care of him. Only Mudslinger survived the encounter.[14]

Later, Bottle came to the inn to fetch Foreigner. While Foreigner went to gather his things, Temper told Bottle the veterans of the inn knew the 14th did well in Seven Cities. That was why they remained in the bar while the rest of the city seemed to be roaming the streets in angry mobs calling for the 14th's blood. Even Fist Aragan, nominal ruler of the city, hid inside the bar to wait out the night.[15]

Near dawn, Temper burst from the inn's front door in full armour, suspecting someone was trespassing at the Deadhouse. He failed to note Shadowthrone's departure, but met Braven Tooth returning. Both stopped to stare at the attractive Kanese woman who entered before them. Braven Tooth went inside to strike up a conversation, but Apsalar warned him off with her knife before going upstairs to drink in her room.[16]

In Night of Knives[edit | edit source]

On the night of the Shadow Moon in 1154 BS, the inn was used by Ash to launch an operation in support of Emperor Kellanved and Dancer. The veteran Bridgeburner's soldiers and hired street toughs seized the inn as well as its occupants, including Coop, Faro Balkat, Temper, and Trenech.[17]

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