Hanu was the elder brother of Saeng. He and his mother and sister lived in a village in the jungles of Jacuruku.[1]

In Blood and Bone Edit

Hanu was chosen by the Thaumaturg officer who had come to his village to be recruited as a Yakshaka soldier.[1]

Twelve years later, as there was news of the Thaumaturg army invading the Himatan, Hanu appeared once again in front of Saeng and the two escaped from their village to find the Temple of Light, of which Saeng was a priestess.[2]

While travelling through the Himatan, the two came across the bandit leader Kenjak Ashevajak, Hanu helping Saeng escape.[3]

Saeng and Hanu crossed into Himatan, which was Ardata's territory, via the Gangrek Mountains. Hanu fell into a crevice, and down to an underground river. When Saeng followed, they went over a waterfall, Saeng trying to keep hem both alive with her magery. Hanu was severely injured and became comatose. When Saeng woke up, she met Old Man Moon, who healed Hanu.[4][5]

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