"I want to be scary. It's important that I be scary. I've been practising hissing and snarling."
―Harlest Eberict[src]

Harlest Eberict was the late brother of Gerun Eberict. Ten years before the start of Midnight Tides, his brother had murdered him by pushing him down a flight of stairs or pitching him off a balcony then passed it off as an accident. Gerun then called in an expensive favour from a Mage to bind Harlest's soul to his dead body. Afterwards, Harlest served penance for his incompetence as the undead guard of Gerun's rooms on his estate.[1]

His face was pale and patchy, and his teeth were rotted.[2]

In Midnight TidesEdit

The thief, Shurq Elalle, broke into Gerun's estate to rob the Finadd as part of Tehol Beddict's plans. She encountered Harlest guarding Gerun's rooms. The undead guard was surprised to meet another dead person like himself and held no particular loyalty to his brother. He was impressed by Shurq's lifelike visage and helped disable the traps guarding his brother's treasure in return for Shurq's promise to have Selush file his teeth into fangs and his fingernails into claws.[3]

After their theft, they fled to a Jaghut tomb beneath a warehouse in the city.[4] None of Harlest's later "victims" found his makeover to be scary at all, merely annoying - bar Ublala Pung, who locked him into a sarcophagus.[5]

Shurq and Harlest followed after Ublala who raced to the Azath Tower where Iron Bars fought the escaping Seregahl alone. Harlest must have decided to help because Iron Bars noted seeing a man clinging to one of the Seregahl's legs, his teeth gnawing the Seregahl's calf and his talons clawing its thigh.[6]

In Dust of Dreams Edit

Harlest was sent to find Ublala Pung in the Tartheno cemetery of Letheras by a ghost that would not leave him alone. He helped Ublala dig up his dragonbone mace and armour from the grave of an ancient Thelomen and then left.[7]

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