Harun was a soldier of the Thaumaturg Army of Righteous Chastisement which was invading the Jungle of Himatan of eastern Jacuruku under the overall command of Master Thaumaturg Golan.[1][2]

In Blood and BoneEdit

Informed that one of the "stone soldiers" of the Thaumaturgs - the Yakshaka - was missing, Golan tasked Cohort Leader Pon-lor with finding and retrieving the missing Yakshaka. Pon-lor was told to take with him a detachment of twenty soldiers as guards.[3]

Pon-lor and his detachment were approached by a young local, Jak, who claimed to have encountered a Yakshaka enslaved by a witch. Jak was able to convince Pon-lor and his guards to follow him to Chanar Keep.[4] Pon-lor's troop was led by Jak to the Keep - which was, at least initially, seemingly deserted - except for a single gate guard.[5]

Once the group was well inside the Keep, Jak tried to leave the group - ostensibly to see if there was a "problem" - but Overseer (i.e., sergeant) Tun of the guards stopped him. Tun signaled to Harun and his fellow guard, Vayach, and ordered them to accompany the young guide. One of the two guards got a firm hold of Jak and the three men proceeded down a side passage. Tun, however, quickly grew uneasy with the situation and, telling Pon-lor that the Keep was "an ill-omened place at best", recommended that they should all withdraw. Pon-lor heeding this advice, told Tun to call the two guards back. Tun did so, going to the side passage and yelling down it, "Harun! Vayach! Recall!" This being unproductive, Pon-lor, fearing the worst, decided that it was past time for the detachment to exit Chanar Keep - leaving Harun and Vayach to follow after if they were able to do so.[6]

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