Haut was a Jaghut warrior of the group of The Fourteen Undead Jaghut. This group of Jaghut first appeared in the Wastelands of Lether around the time of the Bonehunters' arrival in the Letherii Empire.[1][2][3][4]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

  • Encounter in the Lether Wastelands with Toc the Younger[6] - Haut was mentioned in this section by name[7]
  • Eastward travel across the Lether Wastelands[8]

In The Crippled GodEdit

  • Encounter in the Lether Wastelands with Stormy[11]
  • Final obsequies at the Imass barrow in Kolanse[14]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Many millennia in the past in the Jaghut Odhan of the Jaghut Realm, Haut was a scholar living in his tower keep, alone except for the Tiste Hostage Korya Delath. Haut had discolored, massive tusks flanking his verdigris-colored face;[15] dark grey streaked, greasy hair; hands with long fingers; and eyes with vertical slits. Haut was often addressed as 'captain' by others, but this did not refer to a military rank he had ever held in the past - as Haut, in particular, and the Jaghut, in general, had a disgust for armies and war - but was, at this time, an "honorific" testifying to his personal impact on the people who knew him. Haut spoke of his educating Korya and of his preparing her to be a Mahybe or vessel.[16]

Towards the end of her period as hostage, Haut took Korya on a journey to further her education. First they arrived at the Spar of Andii where they came across the body of the murdered Karish, who was Hood's wife. This affected Haut badly as he was Hood's brother and thus Karish had been his sister-in-law.[17] Haut and Korya continued their journey and encountered the Jaghut historian, Varandas, before finally arriving in Omtose Phellack, the "Empty City", with the intention of speaking to the Lord of Hate and to Hood.[18]

Haut discovered that the grief-stricken Hood had declared war on Death itself, and that he had succeeded in gathering an army on the Jaghut Odhan composed of tens of thousands of Jaghut, Dog-Runners, Thel Akai and a variety of other peoples and races.[19]

In Fall of LightEdit

Subsequent to the events chronicled in Forge of Darkness, Haut, Varandas, and Burrugast paid a visit to Gothos, in his keep in the ruins of the city of Omtose Phellack. The three wore blackened "arcane" iron armour. The purpose of this particular meeting was to argue the pros and cons regarding the Jaghut joining the army of Hood, who had declared a war on death. At the end of the discussion, Haut, Varandas, and Burrugast were not only sure that they had successfully met every argument Gothos might have had against Hood's goals, but were also sure that they were the obvious officers, "chosen and select", to serve in the army under the command of Hood.[20]

Returning to the Jaghut Odhan encampment of Hood's army, Haut, Varandas, and Burrugast shared with Hood the developments of their meeting with Gothos, assuring him that they, themselves - plus a number of other Jaghut - would march with him when the "time" arrived. Hood left upon an errand, leaving the three to mind his burning but heatless campfire. Varandas said something that triggered Haut and Burrugast - as well as himself - into laughter, which was loud and long - the sound reverberated throughout the entire camp.[21] Hood's army at this stage was made up of about one thousand individuals and was composed of the Jaghut plus a number of other peoples and races.[22]

Haut was sent by Hood, who had previously called Haut, "Captain" - to conduct the Seregahl - a sub-group of the Thel Akai - to the aptly named Azath House, "Azath House", which was located in the city of Omtose Phellack.[23] Haut observed while the Seregahl fought with occupants in the yard of the Azath House and then watched as the extremely battered and maimed Seregahl survivors had to beat a hasty retreat.[24] While still at the Azath, Haut was approached by Sanad, who having brought a jug of wine with her, shared it with him. Haut and Sanad had apparently been lovers in the past and were still close.[25][26]

Hood ritually invoked a Long Night over the encampment in the Jaghut Odhan, thus stopping time there and enabling the passage of his army through a gate into the realm of the dead - where the army would, at last, be able to wage war on their avowed enemy, Death.[27][28][29] Surrounding Hood when the Long Night began was the core of his army, Hood's Fourteen, which included Haut. The group of fourteen Jaghut proceeded to engage in one of their typically irreverent conversations. Haut, being challenged by Gathras as to why Haut was addressed frequently as 'captain', Sanad broke in to explain why Haut was called that, even though he had never officially held that rank. Hood and his army, presumably including Haut, then left. According to Korya Delath, they had stepped outside of time and were as good as dead.[30]


Burrugast: "You never did well with pets, Haut. Especially other people’s pets."
Haut: "I warned Raest. Besides, in the end, he could not find dishonour in the tomb I raised for that idiot cat."
―An exchange made while discussing Korya Delath between Haut and Burrugast.[src]
Gathras: "...captain [Haut]...[w]hat does it mean...that you hold rank in an army that never was?"
Burrugast: "Potential is to be valued in all things..."
Sanad: "Of lovers I have had plenty. 'Twas Haut's domination of all suitors that earned him his rank. For behold, the army was mine, and while all were fine troopers, only the captain was - and remains - the captain."
Sanad, Gathras and Burrugast discussing why Haut is addressed as 'captain'[src]

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