Sometimes pages may not be named in the best, least ambiguous way or don't conform to the Manual of Style or Naming policy. If you are new to editing, please consult with some of the other editors before renaming as there may be historical reasons for a name.


  • Click the "rename" button and follow the instructions. You can choose to automatically leave a redirect at this stage.
  • Click on the deleted link (you'll be able to find it in the logs on Recent Changes) and click 'what links here' (toolbox on left for MonoBook - in shortcut menu under top right icon for default skin). Change the links to point to the new page name. If you have changed them all and the redirect is not likely to be used in searches the redirect can be deleted (request admin assistance)


If the new page name already exists then instead, copy and paste the page's coded content across and create a redirect in the now old page.


The redirect code below is inserted into an empty page or one newly created one. Most commonly, redirects are created to ensure good search results. For example if users search for the name 'Rake', they will be redirected to 'Anomander Rake'.

#REDIRECT[[new page name]]

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