Hen'bara was a low-growing desert plant found on Seven Cities. It grew in large patches that very rarely blossomed with small yellow flowers. The plant's dried flowers made a strong tea that was used as a "mender of grief, [and a] balm against pain in a mortal soul". They provided a dreamless night's sleep.[1] Hen'bara was most potent when its water was scalding,[2] and was little more than flavoured water when cold.[3]

Overuse of the narcotic tea threatened to subsume the drinker's mind within the very nightmares they sought to escape.[3][4]

In House of ChainsEdit

Sha'ik gave Heboric hen'bara tea while living in Raraku to drink before bed in attempt to drive away his dreams of the Jade giant.[5] Kamist Reloe knew the hated historian was ignorant of the tea's long term effects, and hoped it would be his downfall.[4] Sha'ik later admitted her purpose in giving Heboric the tea was the opposite of what she had stated. She needed information from the jade giant and sought to gather it by sending Heboric to commune with it.[6]

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