Hethe was a creature of Shadow and servant to Shadowthrone.

He had a mutable appearance, constantly seeming to grow and shrink. Sometimes he appeared as a man possessing a great thatch of black hair framing a long face. At other times he seemed to be a short, hairy, winged, monkey-like creature.[1] He was an inherently ridiculous figure who spoke Talian in a whimsical manner and struggled to keep his robes together when he was not wiping his nose on them.

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Hethe appeared before Traveller, Kyle, Jan, Stalker, Coots, and Badlands as they journeyed through Shadow. He led Traveller and Kyle into the presence of Shadowthrone and Cotillion. [2]

During the ensuing confrontation between Shadowthrone and Osserc, Hethe bumped into Osserc with a mop while cleaning the floor.[3]


Hethe: "I am come to deliver you to my master, Shadowthrone. You are blessed by his condescension."
Traveller: "Who are you?"
Hethe: "Whorou? Damned awkward name. Common enough though, isn't it?"
Hethe (holding out his hand): "Hethe."
―Hethe meeting Traveller[src]
"Where is he? I'll skin the rat."
―Shadowthrone, on Hethe[src]

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