Heuk was a Squad Mage/Priest who enlisted in the Unta Harbour Guard during the Eleventh year of Laseen's reign. He was an old man characterized by his dark curly brown hair and beard, his crooked teeth, greasy seamed face, and sallow bloodshot eyes. He wore dirty robes.[1][2][3][4]

Heuk could access the elder Warren Kurald Galain and could read the Deck of Dragons.[5][6]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Heuk and the Harbour Guard were on the Untan docks when the capital was invaded by the Crimson Guard. He and the others ambushed Black the Elder, dropping the Avowed into the harbour earning his eternal enmity.[7] Beating a hasty retreat from the enraged Guardsman, they partially interrupted Cartharon Crust's theft of Moranth munitions from the Imperial Arsenal.[8]

Following the Guard's withdrawal, Sergeant Tinsmith's squad was inducted into the Malaz 4th Army, which, led by Empress Laseen, followed the Guard by sea to Cawn and then Li Heng. There, Heuk began drinking heavily of horse blood.[9] He survived the first day's fighting against the rebellious Talian League at the Battle of the Plains. On the second day, fighting turned to the Crimson Guard, and Heuk joined Sergeant Nait's fortified redoubt on the eastern end of the battlefield.[10] There he shared his horse blood concoction with Nait's saboteurs giving them the ability to easily spot and target Guard mages and Avowed. He then summoned the Darkness of Kurald Galain to counteract magical attacks on their position. At one point Heuk collapsed in thankfulness as the shade of his God Draconus appeared to stand over him.[11]

After the battle was won, Heuk observed the arrival of new Malazan Emperor Mallick Rel alongside former Li Heng city mage Ho. The two bantered about the foibles of their leaders before Heuk was spotted by newly promoted High Mage Bala Jesselt and placed in charge of the 4th Army's mage cadre.[12]


"Obelisk High, Deathslayer close, Crown inverted, the Apocalyptic!"
―Heuk, reading the Deck of Dragons minutes before the surprise invasion of the Crimson Guard[src]
Possum: "Who are you?"
Heuk: "Who am I? Your recruiters named me a mage, but I am no mage. And now, you'd best fly away little death crow. Keep to your games in the shallows of shadow. As for myself--I plumb the inifinite depths of Night Eternal."
Possum: "No--that Warren is beyond us."
Heuk: "Fool! As I said I am no mage. I am a mere worshipper of Night. And as the old saying goes, my blood is up. Now flee, because I am about to call upon my God for he has returned and the time is long overdue for a demonstration of his gathering presence upon this world."
―Heuk and Possum[src]

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