Map Edur Lands

Map of Edur Lands and the North Lether frontier

High Fort was a major Letherii defensive fortification on the Kingdom of Lether's frontier with the lands of the Tiste Edur. It guarded the route to the mountain pass leading into Edur territory. Apart from its own rotating garrison, the Grass Jackets Brigade and Whitefinder Battalion were normally stationed there as well.[1]

The fort was situated on pastureland just south of a forest cloaking the presence of the Katter River.[2] Its walls were overlooked by corner bastions where ballistae and mangonels guarded against enemy approach. Fortified earthen ramparts encircled the fort outside its walls. An old drainage course known as the Dry Gully ran across the field from the hills a thousand paces to the fort's north. Three ramparts ran parallel to the gully and upon the easternmost and largest rampart was built a stone-walled fort.[3] High Fort's largest bastion tower overlooked the westernmost of the ramparts guarding the gully.[4]

The roads between High Fort and First Reach were in good repair. A military battalion could make the trip in five days.[1]

In Midnight Tides Edit

At the start of hostilities between the Kingdom of Lether and the Tiste Edur, the Whitefinder Battalion was away from High Fort, conducting military exercises outside First Reach. Preda Unnutal Hebaz ordered them to move back north immediately.[1] Queen Janall Diskanar assembled the Queen's Battalion and the Quillas Brigade a league south of fort. She was determined to strike the Edur first and strike hard to accomplish her own objectives in the war.[5] Unfortunately for Janall's ambitions, Fear Sengar's Edur crossed the pass before she reached it and the Queen and her army were forced to return to High Fort.[6]

See also: Battle of High Fort

Fear's Edur army massed along the tree line across the pasture from the fort while the forces of Queen Janall, Prince Quillas, and the Grass Jackets Brigade manned the defensive fortifications surrounding the fort. The fort's garrison lined the walls and bastions.[3]

The Letherii launched a magical attack that the Edur's K'risnan turned back upon them. Then the Edur, their Jheck allies, and their Kenryll'ah, and Shadow wraith servitors charged. During the ensuing battle, the stone fort on the eastern rampart toppled due to Edur sorcery and was destroyed. The battle ended with the garrison surrendering, the Letherii forces shattered, and Janall and Quillas captured.[7]

Fear left High Fort with Hanradi Khalag as its governor and prepared the Edur forces to move south against Letheras.[8]

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