High House Death was one of the Houses within the Deck of Dragons.[1]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Tattersail drew Virgin High House Death as second card in a reading.[2] See Virgin of High House Death for details.

In another reading, Tattersail dealt Mason of Death.[1] See Mason of High House Death for details.

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Iskaral Pust mentioned a number of positions within the Houses of the Deck without assigning names to them. Amongst those mentioned was Spinner of High House Death.[3]

In Memories of IceEdit

Spindle performed a reading of the Deck during the Pannion War that placed the Soldier of High House Death at Obelisk's right-hand. It also placed the Captain of High House Light with the shadow of Hood's Herald.[4]

In House of ChainsEdit

Pearl found the body of Baudin in the Pan'potsun hills amid signs of Hood's presence, and deduced that there had been a change in Hood's House.[5] Cotillion confirmed that Hood had made Baudin his Knight of Death.[6]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

At the start of a reading of the Deck in Letheras, Fiddler announced that amongst other, Spinner of Death was held by the table. He next dealt Virgin of Death to Sinn, soon after the card of Mason of Death hit Hedge.[7]

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Mason of High House DeathEdit

The Mason was the builder of barrows, his appearance a promise of death to many. The Mason was brother to the Soldier of High House Death and normally held a minor rank.[1] The Mason, Spinner, and Soldier were together known as the Three.[15]

During one of Tattersail's readings, the Mason had risen to a more prominent position. In that reading, the image was that of a lean, greying man with a thin, tangled silver beard, clothed in faded leathers with massive, vein-roped hands which held stonecutting tools. The menhirs surrounding him held glyphs reminiscent of Seven Cities script. Tattersail interpreted that the role of mason had been assumed by someone who used to work in stone, but no longer.[16]

Virgin of High House DeathEdit

During a reading performed by Tattersail, the Virgin of High House Death was played and described as being scarred and blindfolded, with blood on her hands.[12] In that reading, the card stood for Sorry, however, unlike Oponn and The Rope the Virgin's face was an ever changing one.[17]

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