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High House Shadow was one of the Houses within the Deck of Dragons.[1]

It was associated with the Warrens of Meanas and Kurald Emurlahn. According to Silverfox, it had also once been a Hold. She remarked that it did not share the hierarchical structure of the other Houses; that it was bestial, a wilder place, and apart from the Hounds it had known no ruler for a long, long time prior to being usurped by Shadowthrone.[2]

In Tiste Andii legend the interplay of Light and Dark was said to have given birth to Shadow.[citation needed]

According to Quick Ben, the true Warren of Shadow had been inaccessible (likely meaning to humans) for millennia until after the assassination of Kellanved in 1154 BS. He also said that the earliest writings of High House Shadow indicated that its throne was occupied by a Tiste Edur.[3]

Oponn had no control in Shadow's Realm.[4]

For readers of the Deck, Shadow's Realm was a young one, only appearing in the Deck when it once more became accessible.[5] Its birth troubled Tayschrenn and he considered it to have too much power to fade like other new houses had done before.[6]

High House Shadow was ruled by Shadowthrone and The Rope and the Seven Hounds of Shadow were in their service.[7]

In Gardens of the Moon[]

Tattersail drew the card for Assassin, High House Shadow in a reading and interpreted this as meaning that the Rope, the Patron of Assassins was in this game. She thought she heard, momentarily, the howling of Hounds.[8]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

Iskaral Pust mentioned a number of positions within the Houses of the Deck without assigning names to them. Amongst those mentioned was that of the Rope Shadow Patron of Assassins.[9]

In Memories of Ice[]

Spindle performed a reading of the Deck during the Pannion War where the Assassin of High House Shadow had indeed acquired a new face. Spindle soon recognised it as Kalam Mekhar. He also drew the Magi of Shadow, suggesting a grand deception at work.[10]

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According to Tattersail, unlike for example, the face of the Virgin in High House Death, the face of the Rope's card never changed. The forte of the Assassin was deception.[15]

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