High House War appeared as a House within the Deck of Dragons. It may not have been part of common sets of the Deck.[1]

In The Bonehunters

After Y'Ghatan, Fiddler found between the items returned/given to him a Deck of Dragons. Amongst the cards were some which he had never seen before. His statement of 'there's something called the House of War' as well as subsequent comments on individual cards seemed to indicate that the House was not part of the Deck of Dragons he was used to. Fiddler showed some of those new cards to those with him, Gesler, Stormy and Balm and told them that amongst other, he had doubts about the whole House of War. When Stormy drew attention to the style in which the cards were painted, then men came to the conclusion that apart from the card for the Guardians of the Dead, the other 'new' cards were likely painted by T'amber.[1]

Fiddler later performed a reading with the new Deck and dealt the throne card for High House War, the Lord of Wolves, to Fist Keneb.[2]

Known positions in High House War and confirmed associated Ascendants

  • Lord of Wolves/Lords of War[2]
  • Hunter - [1]
  • Guardians of the Road/Dead (title uncertain)[2][1]
  • Mercenary[1]
  • Lifeslayer - [1]
  • Death Slayer - [1]
  • Army and the Soldier (not clear if they are one or two cards)[1]
  • Herald[3]

Likely candidates for positions in High House War

Prominent Mortal Followers


It was possible that High House War also contained a position for Champion. When Togg and Fanderay rescued the dying bull enkar'al in House of Chains they did so because of an "urgent need...for a champion".[4] It was unclear whether this signified a named position within the House (as other High Houses had designated Champions) or was merely a more ordinary title. When Fiddler named the positions within High House War in The Bonehunters, no mention was made of a Champion or any creature matching the description of the bull enkar'al.[2]

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