The title High Mage was used for military as well as civilian mages.

The military rank typically referred to the commander of a mage cadre in the Malazan Army although not all cadre commanders were High Mages. Tattersail, for example, was offered the title more than once but had always declined.[1]

Amongst civilians, the term was used to refer to mages possessing particularly powerful skills. For example, the members of the T'orrud Cabal of Darujhistan were mostly described as High Mages.

Natural high mages Edit

Not everyone with the talent to be a High Mage was recognized as one, sometimes because no recognized training had been noted. Beak, for example, while a mage of no particular rank in the army, was described as a "natural high mage" once he started using his talents in earnest, as was Sinn, though the latter was eventually promoted to the official rank of "High Mage". Quick Ben was another who hid his talents for a long time but was eventually pushed into taking on the official title.

Imperial High Mage Edit

The Imperial High Mage was the top ranking mage in all the Malazan Army. That position was held by Tayschrenn for many years.

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Notable Imperial High MagesEdit

  • Tayschrenn (1058th year of Burn's Sleep (founding) - self-imposed retirement)
  • Havva Gulen (? - 1167th year of Burn's Sleep)
  • Bala Jesselt (1167th year of Burn's Sleep - present)
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