Hint, better known as Sour, was a mage who used the Warrens of Thyr and Mockra. He was also a follower of T'riss. He grew up in a trading port, on the Horn south of Dal Hon. Described as a sweaty, un-washed and bow/bandy-legged squat figure with frog eyes, one higher than the other and a tiny tuft of beard. He was perceived as not that bright, at times slow of understanding and given to pessimism and complaining.[1][2][3] According to his partner Murk, Hint was not quite sane in the conventional sense.[4] He served for a time as a member of the Malazan imperial mage cadre and saw action in the Blackdog campaign, probably attached to the Malazan 5th Army.

After leaving the army, he and Murk achieved notoriety in Unta as thieves, which saw them face arrest.

In Blood and Bone Edit

Having been saved from arrest and imprisonment by Spite, Sour and Murk took out a contract with her and together with a group of mercenaries travelled with Spite to fabled Jacuruku. During their attempt to free the box containing a shard of the Crippled God from the Dolmens of Tien, Spite was trapped.[5] As their boat had left them behind, they decided to travel on into the jungle in search of help.

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