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Hood's Path was the human Warren of Death and was controlled by Hood. Also known as the Paths of the Dead or the Path of Death, Hood's Path was the path of necromancers and demon summoners.[1][2] According to the necromancer Bauchelain, demon summoning involved asserting "absolute control over a life-force" and the "threat of annihilation is inherently death-aspected".[3] According to Corlo, "if you step through the gates in[to] Hood's Realm you don't come back. Or, rather, you shouldn't."[4]

In the language of the Eleint, it was known as Festal'rythan, the Layers of the Dead.[5]

Although the Denul warren was inimical to that of Hood, most necromancers possessed some minor skills in healing. "Minor injuries, modest infections, a few diseases, the ingesting of poison: all of those fell into the category of practicality for your average delver into the arts of death."[6]

Notable Users[]

In Midnight Tides[]

It was revealed that Hood and his warren were unknown in the Kingdom of Lether and the surrounding lands.[9] Even knowledge of the Hold of Death became lost and the paths of the dead in Lether were obscured, making the region prone to loitering ghosts, shades, and the undead.[10][11]

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