Hordilo Stinq was a former pirate who served as the constable and executioner for Lord Fangatooth Claw of Spendrugle. He was in charge of enforcing the lord's dictate to arrest and hang any stranger entering the town, but was tired of the pointless, repetitive, and bloody responsibility.[1] He was also unnerved by his fellow constables, the three iron golems Grimled, Grinbone, and Gorebelly, who resisted his attempts to draw out a glint of humanity.[2]

Hordilo was an ugly, extremely hairy man who nevertheless proved attractive to women.[3] He had never married as long as one did not count his ex-wife, Hurta. Hordilo still felt heart broken over how she had shared her romantic affections with his dog Ribble and various other farm animals just to hurt him. In the end she had ridden off with her lovers, the dog and a stallion, and the constable was forced to hang liveryman Blecker for knowing too much. The experience left him bitter and wary around women, or it would have if Hordilo had ever married.[4]

Hordilo often spent his free time at the King's Heel tavern and brothel stealing free drinks from the taps when owner Feloovil Generous was dozing off or visiting his favorite working girl, the visually impaired Rimlee.[5]

In The Wurms of BlearmouthEdit

Hordilo was following the trail of the missing Grimled when he came upon necromancer Korbal Broach crouched over the fallen golem, his arms in its open chest. The constable courted his own death when he called Broach a fool and tried to arrest him. Luckily for Hordilo, Korbal's partner Bauchelain arrived and smoothed things over.[6] Hordilo escorted the pair to meet his master at Wurm's Keep where an impatient Broach broke the front door and destroyed Gorebelly.

The unsettled constable was happy to return to the King's Heel until three strangers, Birds Mottle, Heck Urse, and Gust Hubb, walked in. Tired of escorting fools to their deaths, he instead chose to "interrogate" a receptive Birds in his room while the men went to the keep on their own.[7] Later as Birds was taking her leave from Hordilo, she discovered that the Chanters had followed the three sailors into town. She raced back to the constable and offered to marry him, preferably if they could live somewhere hidden away.[8] Once the Chanters departed, Birds rescinded her offer and rejoined Heck and Urse. Hordilo was not surprised. He had seen how she had looked at that goat.[9]


"[Hordilo was] ugly in that gods-awful lucky way some ugly men have, when it comes to women."
―Comment made by Gust Hubb to Heck Urse describing Hordilo Stinq as a male version of a jolie laide.[src]

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