The Hound was a vessel that was part of the full fleet of some forty 'raiders' - out of Malaz City - under the overall command of 'Admiral' Mock.[1][2]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

The Hound was part of the Malazan 'raider' fleet that set out from Malaz City to make a major raid upon the Quon Tali city of Cawn. The raid not going as planned, turning instead into an out-and-out sea battle - Mock and his flagmen, aboard Mock's flagship, the Insufferable, were "furiously sending orders ship to ship" (using signal flags) to the vessels in the beleaguered fleet, one of which was the Hound. In the confusion of battle, the Hound had inadvertently gotten too close to her sister ship, the Fancy, and the two 'raiders' needed to be ordered to move away from each other.[3][4]


"Have the Fancy and the Hound heave off... They're bunching up."
―Mock's orders to one of his 'flaggers' - in regard to the positioning of the 'raiders', the Fancy and the Hound.[src]

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