Hounds by mrakobulka

Hounds of Light by Mrakobulka

The Hounds of Light were creatures of Kurald Thyrllan, the Elder Warren of Light, and (one-on-one) were easily the match of the Hounds of Shadow. The smallest Hounds of Light were at least the size of a horse. They had dark blue (nearly black) skin which showed under their short bone-white hair, onyx-colored eyes, and unusually long teeth.[1][2][3]

The HoundsEdit

  • Cast – almost twice the weight of Lock
  • Gait – the lord of the pack, more silver than white, with a scarred misshapen muzzle, and wearing a battered thick collar of black leather adorned with opals and pearls
  • Ghennan – the lady of the pack, also more silver than white, with an equally scarred misshapen muzzle, and wearing a collar much like Gait's
  • Grasp – one of the three youngest in the pack
  • Hanas – one of the three youngest in the pack
  • Jalan – one of the three youngest in the pack
  • Lock – bone-white and enormous
  • Pallid – bone-white and enormous
  • Ultama – long-limbed, sleek, broad head and sinewy neck with over-sized upper canines
  • Venesara – fresh from birthing and raising a "squabble" of young

In Toll the Hounds Edit

During the climax of the book, eight Hounds of Light manifested in Darujhistan[4], joining Pallid and Lock who had been running with the Hounds of Shadow up until then,[5] in an attempt to seize the sword Dragnipur for their "master".[6][7] They were met with heavy resistance from Karsa Orlong,[8][9] Cutter,[10] Seguleh Second,[11] Tulas Shorn[12] and Barathol Mekhar.[13] At least six of the hounds were killed in the complex and confused fight that followed, and the remaining Hounds of Light were forced to flee.[14]

In The Crippled God Edit

In the book's opening scenes, the Tiste Liosan Aparal Forge looked upon "the four surviving Hounds of Light".[15] During the final fight on the 'First Shore' between the Shake/Letherii and the Tiste Liosan forces, these remaining hounds were killed by Yedan Derryg, who was wielding a Hust sword.[16]

In StonewielderEdit

Kiska, Jheval, and Warran came upon a large, white Hound as they traveled through Kurald Emurlahn. The red-eyed creature[17] lay unmoving, nearly covered in sand, and exhausted after an apparent encounter with the Chaos Whorl unleashed by Yathengar.[18] Kiska stroked its head and called it a handsome beast. Later when the group was ambushed by an Azalan demon, the Hound which had followed them defended Kiska and killed her attacker.[19] The Hound continued to trail the group and made its presence known once again when they were taken captive by the Tiste Liosan Army of Light.[20]

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