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House Paran was a noble house of the Malazan Empire based in the capital Unta.[1] The children of House Paran were central characters in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series.

Members of the family[]

  • Father (unnamed) - in 1154 BS, he was a wine merchant with vineyards on Malaz Island. He was negotiating the Island export tithe with harbour officials at the time of his sons meeting with Whiskeyjack.[2] He condemned his son for choosing to become a soldier.[3] By 1161 BS, his health was failing and he was slowly withdrawing from the daily chores, passing on responsibility to his daughter Tavore.[4]
  • Felisin Paran, the mother, was well known as being gifted with visions.[5]
  • Ganoes Stabro Paran, eldest son
  • Tavore Paran, middle daughter - one year younger than brother Ganoes[4]
  • Felisin Paran, youngest daughter

The family estate in Unta[]

The family estate was located in the Noble District of Unta. From the direction of the palace, it could be reached by going via Marble Slope Road.[6]

The walls of the estate were made out of grey-black glittering basalt from the Imperial quarries outside Unta.[7]

One entrance to the estate was a single, narrow high door along one side wall which faced an alley which would have passed for a street in another part of the city. The door was barred from the inside, visitors would ring the thin bell-chain to alert the house guard/s to their presence. Once through the inwards opening door, there was a path leading between two outbuildings of the estate to a courtyard. The old well in the courtyard, made of carved stones by people pre-dating even the Kanese looked ready to crumble into a heap. Under the estate house itself were similarly unmortared stones in the deepest reaches, rooms and tunnels too bent, twisted and uneven to use.[8]

The house itself featured a feast hall with a long dining table, chairs, longbenches and panelled walls. Somewhere on the estate was a tapestry depicting the young Ganoes Paran.[9]

Further holdings[]

The family had a country estate at Emalau where they raised foals.[10] House Paran horses were a fine breed. They were fast, clever, and of almost legendary endurance. They were impatient of incompetence, and ever testing of a rider's claim to being in charge.[11]

They owned vineyards both in Unta[12] and Malaz Island.[13] The Paran Estates on Malaz Island were known for their white wines.[13]


In 1161 BS, the estate in Unta was guarded by Gamet who had been hired by Ganoes' father three years previously.[14] The family also employed servants and groundskeepers.[15]

Someone called Sebry was likely Felisin's riding instructor or a groom.[12]

Ganoes had a Napan tutor.[16]

Notes and references[]