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Light, shadow and dark—
This is a war unending.


Drift Avalii[]

Interpretation of Andarist (center), Cutter (left) and Apsalar (right) by Dejan-delic

Cutter and Darist prepare for the looming battle to defend the Throne of Shadow from the Tiste Edur on Drift Avalii. Darist's sword is powerful, once named Vengeance, but now Grief. They then speak of Grief and battle a first group of Edur. Eventually the battle ends with young Tiste Andii and Apsalar. Darist had the young Andii hide, in fear of what the Edur would do to them. Darist says his brother, Anomander Rake, should defend the Throne himself.

Darist confirms this suspicion from Cutter, and says that the young Andii here are Anomander Rake's various grandchildren. They speak more of judgement and protection and Apsalar worries. Both Darist and Cutter are wounded and not in fighting shape.

Cotillion by Dejan Delic

Apsalar suggests Cutter go into the woods and they find Malazans, shipwrecked and now taking refuge in a cave. A Dal Honese man named Traveller speaks to them about the Throne of Shadow. A sorcerer and captain are there as well. They return then and find another Edur assault underway. Darist is wounded, the young Andii Scattered, Apsalar unconscious. Cutter calls on the Hound of Shadow, Blind, who answers and Cotillion arrives as well. They slaughter the Edur, and Cotillion urges Cutter to help the Malazans. Cutter checks on Apsalar, and Traveller arrives and is the only surviving Malazan. Traveler takes up the sword named Vengeance, and says he will guard the now vacant Throne for a while. Apsalar stirs. She and Cutter offer to help bury the dead and then go to find a ship off the island.

B'ridys fortress[]

Kalam Mekhar inspects the well inside the B'ridys fortress that Kindly went into. Something man-like lays chained in the water at the well's bottom, and it pulls Kalam into the underground river that feeds the well. The assassin stabs the creature and it throws him out. Kalam then speaks with Ebron about the cult of the Nameless Ones that used to reside there. The cult chained demons to this world, and now that Kalam has exchanged with the demon, the demon will hunt him and two other officers once it is free. Kalam says he is going to get far away and head towards Raraku to find Adjunct Tavore Paran.

His journey is cut short though when an enkar'al, possessed by the demon that was in truth possessing the toblakai that attacked him. The demons wounds and taunts Kalam, but the assassin kills the beast and the Enkar'al soul finds peace. The wounded Kalam then is then found by the High Priest of Shadow Iskaral Pust and the Soletaken Mogora.

The Nascent[]

Within the Nascent, Onrack and Trull Sengar converse as the T'lan Imass and Tiste Liosan prepare. Onrack, his vow broken, sees T'lan Imass in their true withered forms.  Onrack reflects on the T'lan Imass and their vow. The kin they are with, led by Monok Ochem, will dismantle him once they return to their home realm. He says the renegades he hunts also have broken their vow to serve a new master.  They speak then of the Tiste Liosan, and how the Seneschal Jorrude worships before Kurald Thyrllan and a power that has been usurped. The Liosan god Osric has been lost. The Liosan are dedicated to prove him wrong, and summons the godfire. The Liosan and Trull Sengar use their blood and they tear open a gate to travel out of the Nascent. Trull and Onrack pass through with Monok following in his Soletaken form as a giant ape. A few Tiste Andii travel into Kurald Thryllan. Safely out of the nascent, Onrack says they will be pursued and must go.

Imperial Warren[]

Lostara Yil and Pearl by dejan delic

Pearl and Lostara finding the otataral dragon by Taylor Christensen

Pearl and Lostara Yil traverse the Imperial Warren, speaking of its nature. They stumble onto a massive crucified dragon, aspected with Otataral. It is alive, and they examine it and speak of Balance. They follow the path of those who crucified the dragon and reach a gate of gold fire. They travel through into a pyramid with names mark, they escape fire and speak to a T'lan Imass, then they let the T'lan Imass and continue their hunt.