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It is not unusual to see the warrens of Meanas and Rashan as the closest of kin. Yet are not the games of illusion and shadow games of light? At some point, therefore, the notion of distinctions between these warrens ceases to have meaning. Meanas, Rashan and Thyr. Only the most fanatic of practitioners among these warrens would object to this. The aspect all three share is ambivalence; their games the games of ambiguity. All is deceit, all is deception. Among them, nothing—nothing at all—is as it seems.

A Preliminary Analysis of the Warrens



Sha'ik commands over the forces of the Whirlwind. Leoman will ride out to meet Adjunct Tavore Paran's 14th Army and assures Sha'ik he will not engage with the Malazans and he departs. Afterwards Sha'ik, Heboric, and Korbolo Dom speak together of Leoman and the warriors they have let loose into the desert. Eventually Sha'ik lets Dom go to find Febryl. Alone then, Felisin and Heboric speak about who they can trust, L'oric, and Bidithal's warrens. They say the Whirlwind is a fragment of Kurald Emurlahn with growing power. They both suspect Tavore's otataral sword will negate the power of the High Mages and the Whirlwind, and that the armies will have to meet on the open field. They speak more of magic, and Heboric feels that he is truly unable to leave.

Felisin Younger[]

Felisin Younger is tricked by Silgar into entering Bidithal’s Temple. Inside the High Mage Bidithal abuses and mutilates the child.


L'oric reflects on the T'lan Imass and the past, then enters a garden to commune with T'riss, the Queen of Dreams. Together they speak of L'oric disguising his nature as a Tiste Liosan, his father Osric, and the warren Kurald Thyrllan. He then returns to the camp. He senses and finds Felisin Younger crawling towards Karsa Orlong's grove. Felisin wants to recover and wait in the grove, and L'oric knows he did nothing to stop this abuse.


drugged with Hen'bara, Heboric dreams of the Jade giants, perfect and sexless. He sees a vision of them following the Crippled God into this world, as if in pursuit. He sees into the giants, and sees figures--screaming terrified mouths and beings. He finds himself within the statues, unintelligible voices and unanswerable questions. The voices speak of belief, and killing gods. Heboric wakes and found his tattoos transformed by the god Treach, and his otataral gone, his hands slashed Jade.

Felisin Younger[]

Felisin Younger awakes in the grove, snakes surrounding her. She thinks on Bidithal's words, his damnation of pleasure and sensation, and of the many girls Bidithal abuses. Karsa's gods awaken and then say Felisin shall have her vengeance, and she will be the knife.