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The Teblor have long earned their reputation as slayers of children, butcherers of the helpless, as mortal demons delivered unto the Nathii in a curse altogether undeserved. The sooner the Teblor are obliterated from their mountain fastnesses the sooner the memory of them will finally begin to fade. Until Teblor is no more than a name used to frighten children, we see our cause as clear and singular.

The Crusade of 1147
Ayed Kourbourn


Wolves stalk Karsa Orlong in the mountains on the western edge of Raraku. The wolves are the D'ivers Ryllandaras trying to warn him of two dire travelers that Karsa will soon meet. Karsa ignores the warning, and continues on. He meets Mappo and Icarium in the ruins of a city. Mappo speaks to Karsa as Icarium sizes him up. The two speak of each other's fame and legacy, their powers, and in the end Icarium strikes. Icarium breaks Karsa's sword, and Karsa knocks Icarium unconscious. Before Karsa can deal the killing blow, Mappo knocks him out.

Karsa awakes and finds that Icarium had been digging up a seven headed statue of a hound.

Jhag Odhan[]

About a week of travel later, Karsa finds an empty town. There he reflects on the ghosts of Bairoth Gild and Delum Thord, Hood, and the chains of living and dead. He crosses into Warrens, first Tellann, then Omtose Phellack where he finds a Jaghut woman beneath a massive stone. The Jaghut speaks of the importance of the Jhag Odhan, and how it has preserved so much ancient life and culture. She also speaks of the wars with the T'lan Imass.

Karsa emerges back into the Jhag Odhan, and finds a valley where the T'lan Imass made their flint weapons. Urugal and the other Teblor gods appear and speak to Karsa about the Ritual, wills, and their lives as T'lan Imass. 'Siballe says she has raised her army of fallen to lead against the lowlanders. Karsa listens, and then crafts his own flint blade imbued with the spirits of Bairoth and Delum. Karsa says he can never be unbound, that the Seven put the chains that carry the souls of those he's killed on him. He denies Teblor godhood, but accepts the title of Knight of Chains. Urugal tells Karsa that he has learned much. Karsa agrees and tells the gods that they shall witness.