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How many times, dear traveller, will you walk the same path?


Gall of the Khundryl Burned Tears, a clan that rode under Coltaine, comes swearing their allegiance to Temul. Three thousand veterans of the desert have joined the cause. Captain Keneb tells Fist Gamet that Kalam Mekhar is in Seven Cities. Strings thinks about giving up and Gesler confronts him telling him the only thing for a soldier to do is soldier. Strings goes to where Nether and Nil are, and the spirit of Sormo E'nath tells him he must go to Raraku for the song, and that someone waits for him there. Nil and Nether cry that Sormo did not talk to them. They get to a river, flowing with blood, animals slaughtered by local tribes as a blessing. Adjunct Tavore Paran send sappers to create a more safe crossing, and representatives to the tribes to tell them she means no insult. They are unsure if Sha'ik will send the Whirlwind to them, making them battle-wearied but (somewhat) experienced veterans when they arrive, or if she will let them come in clean, but without experience.

Fiddler is tracking an army of 3,000 soldiers that is trailing the Adjunct, he is surprised to see though that they are the Burned Tears of the Kundryl. Their leader Gall introduces themselves and says they wish to like Coltaine. Tavore welcomes them and Gall swears himself to Temul. They have gained more soldiers but the legacy of Coltaine still hangs over the Adjunct and her army.

Gamet joins the Adjunct later that night and they speak of the army's futures and the cycles of history. They then come to the Vathar river crossing. He encounters Keneb who's taken to following around the dogs Bent and Roach. Keneb and Gamet speak of Gesler, the sergeant's god, and the Silanda. Keneb will keep an eye on Gesler, Stormy, and Truth.

Fiddler is lonely, and does not want to return to Raraku. He talks with Gesler about deserting the company, and regretting coming. They talk about what they would do if they were not soldiers. Fiddler hears the songs of Nether and Nil, he finds the warlocks, and butterflies cover Fiddler and urge him forward.

Gamet reflects with Keneb about the past, and history of the land. The remnants of the old battle litter the river Vathar, Tavore orders the bridge to be blown asunder, even if it might insult the tribes. The Fists discuss that it should be done delicately, and go to tell the tribes. Tavore finds Nether and Nil playing in the river and confronts them about their grief.

Fiddler and Cuttle blow the bridge clear and the army can move forward. Fiddler however takes no joy in clearing the way.

Continues the army can see that the Admiral Nok has retaken Ubaryd, and they discuss whether Sha'ik will test their army. In the distance is the glowing Whirlwind.