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Power has voice, and that voice is the Song of the Tanno Spiritwalker.



Kalam Mekhar spends a week healing at Tesem, the Temple of Shadow run by Iskaral Pust. He takes a few diamonds and will breach the Whirlwind in the heart of Raraku. He travels with Pust to the Whirlwind and hears a song. The Azalan demon misdirects the whirlwind and Kalam is able to slip in unnoticed.

Drift Avalii[]

On Drift Avalii, Cotillion and Shadowthrone speak of Traveller and his stubbornness, they also speak of the witch Hawl. They agree the Talon are up to something and that is who Cutter and Apsalar are headed to stop. Cotillion says others are there to help as well. Cotillion says it will end in Raraku, and they retreat from being near Traveller.

Apsalar wakes up on a ship with Cutter. She speaks with him about Traveller and paths to walk.

Pan'potsun Hills[]

Pearl and Lostara Yil speak with an Earth Spirit and track the paths of rats in the Pan'potsun Hills. Pearl uses sorcery to speak with the corpse of a Claw, who in life had escorted the D'ivers Gryllen. They sense Hood had visited here, and wonder about how the warren could have changed those who traveled here. They then think that Felisin Paran is likely with the Army of the Apocalypse itself.

Jhag Odhan[]

Now on the northeast edge of the Jhag Odhan, Onrack contends with his new new memories, and thinks back to when he painted a mortal Imass and trapped the woman in time, the woman he was obsessed with. Kilava Onass. It was for this crime he was banished from his tribe, and Onrack thinks more on Kilava. Onrack and Trull Sengar then continue onward, themselves looking for the renegade T'lan Imass. They travel together and speak about learning lessons, and people changing. Trull thinks Onrack is sounding more and more mortal.

Nearby Tiste Liosan are camped, and set off to find their old friend Icarium.