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The rage of the Whirlwind Goddess
was an inferno, beaten on the forge
of Holy Raraku.

The legions that marched in the dust
of blood burned by the eye of the sun
were cold iron.

There, on the dry harbour of the dead city
where the armies joined to battle
Hood walked the fated ground

where he walked many times before.

The Divided Heart


In the Army of the Apocalypse's camp in Raraku, Felisin Paran recalls her youth, with Tavore recreating a famous battle with her toys. As Sha'ik then, she looks out on the desert in front of her where Korbolo Dom wants to engage the 14th Army. She speaks with Mathok about the battle and commanders. Then they speak of cold and hot iron, wondering which will triumph. Mathok is skeptical of Korbolo Dom and thinks perhaps Karsa Orlong and Leoman wield the will of cold iron.

Southwest of Raraku[]

With Leoman's riders, we are introduced to Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas. They are all sworn to Leoman and will soon attack the 14th despite Sha'ik's orders.



L'oric visits Karsa's grove. He senses the magic within, and reflects on both Sha'ik and Tavore. He thinks more on the politics of the camp, and wonders if the whirlwind Goddess is too strong for Sha'ik to control. He then speaks with Felisin Younger about the camp, orphans, and Karsa.

Felisin Paran[]

Sha'ik struggles, but then enters Heboric's tent. Powerful wards free her of the Whirlwind Goddess' influence, and there for a moment she is Felisin Paran truly. She thinks on Felisin Younger, and Tavore. Heboric speaks with her briefly but then pushes her out of the tent and the Goddess returns to her.


Bidithal rests in shadows, thinking on Febryl, his schemes, and of shadow itself.

Korbolo Dom[]

Korblo Dom sits with his assassins thinking on the mission he is sending them on, then he goes to speak with Kamist Reloe and together they speak of Heboric, Sha'ik, and the other commanders. They clash over the dangers in the camp, then go their separate ways.


Scillara, a woman who had spent the night with Korbolo, staggers through the camp thinking on her past. Then she sends a message, and coins to Bidithal.


Heboric finds Felisin and L'oric speaking in the grove, and they speak more of what is to be done of Bidithal.

Southwest of Raraku[]

Corabb, amongst Leoman's warriors, attacks the Malazans. But only briefly, they draw the Malazan's attentions and then the Malazan's horse warriors ride after them in pursuit.


The mage Febryl sits to watch the sunrise, thinking on the goddess and Sha’ik. Sha’ik then sits to join him, and together they speak of power, the whirlwind, and what is coming.