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'There is no death in light.'

High Priest of Osserc

Febryl reflects on his past when he destroyed ancient holy texts to keep them out of the hand of the Malazan Empire. He meets with Kamist Reloe and they speak more about the past and the current invasion. They speak about Mallick Rel and Korbolo Dom, and Napan's imperial ambitions. They speak of ancient T'lan Imass on Seven Cities, and the First Empire.

L'oric feels powers approaching, and dons Tiste Liosan armour and goes to Karsa Orlong's grove. Felisin Younger sleeps, and the High Mage enters the Tellann Warren. He journeys to the ancient memory of Raraku. There is a massive lake and he watches seven enormous beasts be tracked by K'Chain Che'Malle. L'oric is pulled out of the path of these creatures by a massive white dragon, his father Osseric.

Greyfrog by Corporal Nobbs

On an island in the sky L'oric speaks with his father about the past, and the Hounds of Darkness. The Hounds Of Darkness, the Deragoth, are beasts that bonded with Dessimbelackis. They speak more of the Deragoth and this memory of Raraku. Osseric then brings L'oric to the edge of the memory where they free the demon Greyfrog that binds to L'oric. The Liosan returns to Raraku, with the demon following.

Sha'ik faces the future, and the impending clash with Adjunct Tavore Paran and the 14th Army. Bidithal comes and they speak of Rashan and the Whirlwind Goddess. Heboric has become a priest once more, and they argue about the old man. Bidithal is dismissed and outside of Sha'ik's presence, the mage Febryl confronts him. The two speak about whether Bidithal will join Febryl and the others in their betrayal, and they speak of the future. Bidithal agrees, and returns to his temple.

In Korbolo Dom's camp, Scillara has continued to spy, but two soldiers following Febryl's orders have come to kill her. They escort her out of the camp, one man begins to rape her and she kills him. The second comes to kill and a figure with glowing green talons rescues her. The man says he is Heboric, Destriant of Treach. Together, they go to Heboric's temple.

L'oric goes to Felisin and introduces her to Greyfrog, and says that she plans to leave the camp soon. Heboric then meets with him and they agree the battle will happen soon, and Heboric needs to leave the camp with Felisin.

Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas rides alongside Leoman's forces back through the whirlwind to reunite with the rest of the rebels.

Karsa nears Raraku, thinking on the impending battle. 'Siballe comes to speak to him, saying he is the Knight of Chains, and telling him more of the Crippled God. Karsa refuses the role, and the Crippled God. He says if the Crippled god is not careful, Karsa will beak his chains, and kill him.