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Otataral, I believe, was born of sorcery. If we hold that magic feeds on hidden energies, then it follows that there are limits to those energies. Sufficient unveiling of power that subsequently cascades out of control could well drain those life-forces dry.
    Further, it is said that the Elder warrens resist the deadening effect of otataral, suggesting that the world’s levels of energy are profoundly multilayered. One need only contemplate the life energy of corporeal flesh, compared to the undeniable energy within an inanimate object, such as rock. Careless examination might suggest that the former is alive, whilst the latter is not. In this manner, perhaps otataral is not quite as negating as it would first appear…

Musings on the Physical Properties of the World
Tryrssan of Mott

Fiddler speaks with fellow Marines and the Ninth Squad. He banters with Balm, Deadsmell, and Throatslitter. The Marines speak about the commanders of the 14th Army, and then Bottle comes with a small doll. Bottle uses the doll to try and divine the forces at place, first thinking Hood, then it indicates perhaps the Rope is here, but Fiddler thinks he knows what assassin it is truly.

Gamet hears the screaming of spirits. He thinks on Captain Keneb and Adjunct Tavore Paran. He goes to the wall of the Whirlwind where he finds Grub and speaks to the boy about shiny things and thinking too much.

Keneb and Temul find Gamet, then together they ride to find Tavore. The Adjunct will use her otataral sword to break the Whirlwind. Despite not knowing what is on the other side, they will break the wall. However before she fully unveils her sword, the wall withdraws and they can enter Raraku. The commanders together are nervous to ride further in, and Gamet claims back his title of Fist.

Fiddler and Marines watch the Whirlwind withdrawing and wonder what it means, together speaking about the 14th Army's commanders.

Keneb and Gamet ride together then, speaking of formations briefly, and ride into Raraku in dusty silence.