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Who among the pantheon would the Fallen One despise and fear the most? Consider the last chaining, in which Hood, Fener, the Queen of Dreams, Osserc and Oponn all participated, in addition to Anomander Rake, Caladan Brood and a host of other ascendants. It is not so surprising, then, that the Crippled God could not have anticipated that his deadliest enemy was not found among those mentioned…

The Chainings
Istan Hela


Mogora cooks for both Apsalar and Cutter within the Temple of Shadow at Tesem. Together the pair speak about Kalam Mekhar and Cotillion. Apsalar thinks Cotillion wants to use all three of them, but is hesitant about Apsalar since she has many of his memories and knows the mortal man Dancer. Cutter asks where they will go, and he has a feeling Apsalara knows.

Warren of Tellann[]

Trull Sengar and Onrack travel with the other T'lan Imass through the Tellann Warren. Through tundra and jungle, they will journey all the way to the First Throne to defend it from Tiste Edur and renegade T'lan Imass. They journey into the warren together and speak about their mission, and Trull struggles to make the same journey the T'lan Imass does. Trull also alludes to his past, and the story of his shorning. He doubts if there is anything to be learned from it, and says he will tell them about it when they are waiting at the First Throne.


Pearl and Lostara are within Raraku. The Whirlwind Goddess has withdrawn her power and they can see the toll she has taken on the land. They speak more then about the Talon, the rebellion and their attraction to each other. Lostara then knocks Pearl out with a distraction, she briefly spots the Ashok Regiment and then speaks with Cotillion. They speak more about other tasks, and Cotillion lets her keep an object.


Apsalar faces the desert, and meets with Cotillion. Together they speak of Cutter, and his love for Apsalar. Cotillion wants to use the boy in a way. They speak about Apsalar's power, and her restraint. Cotillion speaks to her of an all encompassing love, a love of multitudes. Apsalar decides to help Cotillion in Cutter's place. Cotillion leaves, and soon after so does Apsalar.

Pan'arak Oasis[]

Kalam is hidden amongst petrified trees near Sha'ik's camp. He reflects on his otataral knife and senses some foreign power in the forest. Kalam has an acorn.

The First Throne[]

Trull and Onrack travel together into a warm jungle, they speak about the Imass' past and where they lived. The Imass people's ancestors were the Eres. The Eres were a more primitive people but amongst the first to be aware, they had holy sites that burn through the Warren of Tellann. They use this gate and in it, an Eres Woman takes Trull's seed, leaving him with cuts on his stomach and blood on his lap. Once through the gateway though, they are greeted by Apt and the boy Panek. Panek is defending the First Throne, and says he will lead them to the others.