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In the oldest, most fragmentary of texts, will be found obscure mention of the Eres'al, a name that seems to refer to those most ancient of spirits that are the essence of the physical world. There is, of course, no empirical means of determining whether the attribution of meaning—the power inherent in making symbols of the inanimate—was causative, in essence the creative force behind the Eres'al; or if some other mysterious power was involved, inviting the accretion of meaning and significance by intelligent forms of life at some later date.
    In either case, what cannot be refuted is the rarely acknowledged but formidable power that exists like subterranean layers in notable features of the land; nor that such power is manifested with subtle yet profound efficacy, even so much as to twist the stride of gods—indeed, occasionally sufficient to bring them down with finality…

Preface to the Compendium of Maps
Kellarstellis of Li Heng

Gamet looks over the camp, thinking on strategy for the impending battle. He meets with Adjunct Tavore Paran and discusses this, the 14th Army now in sight of Korbolo Dom's Army of the Whirlwind. Nil and Nether speak to them about the earth and spirits. They start to hear distant music and a song of voices. Gamet returns to his legion and tells them that unidentifiable soldiers may join them, and they are to give them commands. However the song is hurting Gamet, and he wants to be left alone.

Fiddler struggles to hear over the song, Bottle helps him and the two speak together. Speak of the song, the Bridgeburners and of the Eres'al. Bottle says his grandmother would speak to him of the Eres'al. Fiddler thinks more on returning to Raraku and wonders if this will be his last battle.

In Leoman's camp, they can spot the Wickans approaching. Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas rides to alert Mathok and the rebel army, and sees that other messengers had been slain. However he luckily makes it through.

Sha'ik looks out on Tavore's and Korbolo Dom's armies. She thinks on the futility of this conflict, she thinks more on the desert and Empress Laseen.  She speaks to Kamist Reloe about the opposing mages, the Wickans, and the chains that bind them.

Heboric speaks to Scillara about Bidithal--that the High Mage may dabbling with powers out of his control. They both hear the growing song in the air. The two of them set out in the city but are attacked by two Korbolo Dom's assassins. Heboric defends them, but is wounded after some others attack. Scillaria briefly flees. More assassins attack, but ghosts of Raraku save the pair. Scillara returns and goes to drag Heboric back to his temple to heal.

Sha'ik faces her armour and the battle ahead. As she begins to don the armoor, L'oric enters and speaks to her of the dangers of the impending battle. Sha'ik though says the Whirlwind Goddess will protect her and that there will be a great convergence. Corabb arrives then to tell Sha'ik of the Wickan troops. L'oric is dispatched to tell Korbolo Dom of this, and that the Dogslayers' command will be given to Leoman. L'oric sets out to deliver this message to Korbolo Dom. He speaks to Dom about the impending battle and the Whirlwind Goddess' destruction. However Doms command is not to be usurped and a knife strikes L'oric's back. He defends himself with magic, but he is sorely wounded.

Felisin Younger speaks to Greyfrog about the night and a potential ally, then Scillara finds them and tells Felisin what has happened to Heboric.

Nearby the Seneschal Jorrude's Tiste Liosan watch as Karsa Orlong rides to the oasis, and they are grateful the warrior did not spot them.