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Hear them rattle
These chains of living
Bound to every moment passed
Until the wreckage clamours
In deafening wake
And each stride trails
A dirge of the lost.

House of Chains
Fisher Kel Tath

Pan'arak Oasis[]

Febryl sits on his ridge, channelling his warren and listening to Raraku.

L'oric has been dragged aside in the tent. He hears Korbolo Dom dispatch several orders to his lieutenants. Leoman's return is to be blocked, Febryl is soon to be killed, Bidithals spies are to be set upon, and word is to be sent to Adjunct Tavore Paran. Dom has prepared many wards around the his tent, then Greyfrog slices through a nearby tent wall and drags him out. Danger is coming for Korbolo Dom.

An assassin is looking for Scillara and Felisin Younger, but he and his allies are suddenly slaughtered by Karsa Orlong. Karsa intends to find Leoman, but first he asks Felisin and Scillara where he can find Bidithal, Febryl, Korbolo Dom, Kamist Reloe, and Heboric. He plans to kill them all.

Mathok and his lieutenant T'morol take up the Book of Dryjhna, which has been entrusted to them. Some of the clan is guarding Sha'ik, others are riding to find Leoman. They agree they will see how the battle fairs.

Heboric feels Febryl's sorcerous web torn, sees ghosts in the city, and thinks on himself as Treach's reluctant Destriant. He leaves his tent.

Kalam Mekhar takes his acorn and sets out. He battles some assassins who he suspects are Talons. He follows a bloody trail into a temple where he finds a young girl, corpses, and Bidithal. Bidithal invites him, saying he is the High Priest of the broken and chained, that Kalam can return back to Laseen in chains of his own. Silgar offers him wine. They speak of the Hounds of Darkness, and Bidithal disappears into the darkness. Kalam calls on his otataral blade and Cotillion comes to help.

Karsa finds Heboric's tent empty, Leoman's as well. He goes towards Bidithal's tent where Silgar crawls out, speaking of a demon-like violence inside the tent. Silgar appeals to Karsa, declaring they are both of the House of Chains, that they are brothers. Karsa denies him and kills Silgar, then he goes to follow the trail of Bidithal.

Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas makes his way back to Leoman. Corabb says Leoman is to replace Dom, and they discuss Dom and his assassins. Leoman then decides to take his men and ride towards Sha'ik.

Kalam briefly thinks on the Warren of Shadow and Cotillion, then he sets out to find Korbolo Dom who calls himself Master of the Talon. Kalam moves towards them and feels a hand on his shoulder, and the voices of a soldier he knows. Kalam then finds Kamist Reloe and two assassins. He kills the assassins and his acorn rolls free, from which Quick Ben springs. Quick Ben fatally dispatches Reloe and greets his old friend Kalam. Together they enter Korbolo Dom’s tent to see the lieutenant Henaras dead on a table, a pearl affixed to her. Korbolo Dom says he has sent word to Tavore that the Dogslayers are ready to cut down Sha'ik, and that together they can pacify Seven Cities. Kalam knocks Korbolo Dom out, and Quick Ben shares the news of the dead Bridgeburners.

Bidithal thinks on Sha'ik and the Napans' plans, but is caught by Karsa. Karsa throws him to the ground, and rips Bidithal’s genitals off and shoves them in his mouth choking him. Karsa damns him for his actions and Bidithal dies.

Lostara Yil nearly leaves, but Cotillion stops her, saying that their job is near done. That soon the Whirlwind Goddess would open a massive gate to swallow the oasis, and that she is beginning to be manipulated by the House of Chains.

Febryl has protected himself and senses what has happened to the Napan, then Karsa finds Febryl and kills him.

Karsa hears Urugal screaming, being pushed away from the oasis. However Karsa pushes forward, ghostly chains drawing taut behind him. He does not yield, and the chains will break or their resistance end. And Karsa moves on.

Gamet lies in his cot, in intense pain. He blacks out and wakes up without pain, armoured and amongst soldiers. He finds Grub, who commands him forward. Gamet rides with a dragon-helmed rider and the Khundryl Burned Tears, and they attack the Dogslayers. Screams are all around, and the sound of battle, but it is distant. Together with the other soldiers, Gamet defends memories, and slays the Dogslayers. He thinks on Tavore and says goodbye.

Fiddler and Koryk speak about the battle in the morning, and if it will not come. They listen to the song and think the Bridgeburners have ascended, then the darkness above the oasis changes.

Leoman and Mathok speak together about the rising ghosts of memories--the desert's own memories. Mathok will take the Holy Book and ride to the city of Y'Ghatan. The Holy Book is history, not prophecy. Leoman rides with Corabb towards Sha'ik.

Quick Ben and Kalam are carrying a bound and gagged Korbolo Dom and they speak about the song--it's the Tanno Spiritwalker song of the Bridgeburners. Now sanctified by their death, the Bridgeburners are ascending as a company. However Kalam is uncertain of the growing darkness, then Kalam says the Hounds of Darkness have arrived.

The Deragoth descend on the Oasis only to meet Karsa Orlong, who steps forward and offers them a warning before wounding one and killing the other.

Quick Ben and Kalam watch Karsa's battle and they decide to leave Korbolo Dom and escape the oasis all together.

Heboric and L'oric meet together. They speak of the House of Chains' sanctification and entrance into the Deck of Dragons. They speak more of the Crippled God, Karsa, the Deragoth, and the Knight of Chains. Heboric will take Felisin Younger and flee with Greyfrog. L'oric goes to find Sha'ik--he wants to save Felisin before the Whirlwind Goddess can claim her.

Karsa hunts down the other Deragoth, but Corabb and Leoman collide into the Hound by chance and help Karsa with the battle. Leoman says he needs Karsa's help.

Pearl leaves the oasis but does not find Lostara, rather he finds Kalam. Kalam hands over Korbolo Dom and says Pearl owes him. Kalam leaves with hidden footsteps aside him. Pearl then watches the dawn.