Witch Hurl was the ruler of Spendrugle until she mysteriously vanished one night. She took her power from the statue of an earth goddess found in a nearby sea cave.[1] The necromancer Korbal Broach could still smell remnants of her presence at Wurm's Keep.[2]

Hurl had leathery flesh stretched thin over bones and tendons.[3]

In The Wurms of BlearmouthEdit

Hurl was discovered to be a D'ivers that took the form of nine lizard cats. She roamed the countryside of her holding murdering her subjects and their livestock until her father Whuffine Gaggs stepped in. Calling her greedy, he captured all but one of her cat forms and tossed them to their deaths from the ruined temple on Spendrugle's sea cliffs. The sole remaining male cat soon forgot who it was and was taken in half-dead as Felittle Generous' pet, Red.[4]

Red struggled with vague memories of walking on two feet, wearing clothes, and murdering men with packs of other cats like himself. He also saw Felittle as his possession and viciously fought to protect her from the attentions of Spilgit Purrble.[5] When the two lovers talked of leaving Spendrugle and Red behind, Red attacked Spilgit and was driven into the King's Heel common room. There he attacked the customers and workers and killed two dogs.[6]

Red instinctively retreated to the sea cave that was the center of Hurl's power and was captured there by Whuffine. The beachcomber took Red up to the temple to toss him to his doom like the others, but Red survived.[7] Standing among the bones of his other selves, Red was finally able to reassemble himself into Witch Hurl. She consumed the corpses of an undead Chanter sailor as well as the remains of Stint, Fren, and Gil Chanter to regain her strength and then went to the King's Heel tavern for revenge.[8]

Hurl's nine lizard cats burst into the tavern triggering a wild melee that killed customers and Chanters alike. One of her cats was killed by Feloovil Generous' toothed breasts, a vestige of the bargain for power Hurl and Feloovil had made in exchange for the life of Feloovil's daughter, Felittle. Hurl attempted to reclaim her prize but was turned away by her father. As she left the tavern swearing revenge, Tiny Chanter beheaded her with his sword.[9]

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