Hurst was a member of the Li Heng city guards assigned to guard the southern gate of the city. He was armed with a halberd that was eight-feet tall. Even when the gate was supposed to be officially closed, Hurst was not above letting a traveller exit through the gate anyway - for a price.[1]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

Hurst and his fellow gate guard, Raf, were on duty when, just before dawn, the young Dassem Ultor arrived at the south gate - leading a cart drawn by two horses - wishing to be allowed to leave. At first Hurst and Raf denied Dassem's request, as the night's curfew was still in effect. After trading some comments back and forth, Dassem realized that he would need to bribe the two guards. Hurst and Raf finally settled on four gold coins as an appropriate amount, and Dassem Ultor and his cart were soon on their way southward after Dassem had put the coins in Hurst's palm.[2]

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