The Hust Legion was a Tiste military organization in Kurald Galain. Its core had formed around the shattered remnants of the southern Borderswords towards the end of the Forulkan War. A primary target of the Forulkan invasion was the Hust family mines, but the Borderswords had protected them at great cost. In gratitude, family patriarch Hust Henarald supplied the Borderswords with the first of his legendary Hust swords. The unnerving, haunted swords so defined the soldiers that they became the Hust Legion and were permanently tied to Hust Hold.[1] Toras Redone, a former Bordersword, assumed command of the Legion.[2]

Anomander Rake so admired the Legion's stand at the mines that he personally visited Toras and clasped her forearm, astonishing witnesses. From that day, soldiers of the Legion considered themselves Andii, Sons and Daughters of Night. This caused a rift with rival Urusander's Legion which resisted all attempts to heal.[3] Unlike Urusander's Legion, the Hust Legion was kept in active duty after the war, guarding the Hust mines and patrolling the realm's southern border.[4]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

The Hust Legion was a victim of Hunn Raal's conspiracy to place Commander Vatha Urusander on the throne of Kharkanas. When Toras Redone refused to join his scheme, Hunn poisoned the Legion.[5]

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