Ieleen was a mage and the navigator of the Silver Dawn, a ship she owned with her husband, Jute Hernan. She was a Falaran from Walk and drew upon the warren of Ruse.[1] Sometimes known as the "Seawitch", she was legendary for her "seeming miraculous intimacy with wave and channel" despite being blind.[2] She tolerated Jute's restless curiosity even as she tried to steer him away from dangerous and illegal work, such as piracy.

Ieleen had sightless "wintery white" eyes, relied on a cane to walk about the ship, and enjoyed smoking a pipe.[3][4]

In AssailEdit

Ieleen accompanied the Silver Dawn to the gold fields of Assail, where she used her powers to guide the ship through the difficult Fear Narrows.[5] Once on the Dread Sea, she struggled to counteract the effects of the region's Omtose Phellack magic, exhausting herself and bringing her close to death.[6] Ieleen ended the Kerluhm T'lan Imass siege of Mantle by calling down the winds of the north, alerting the Imass to the growing Jaghut magic there.[7] When the Jaghut icewall threatened to overrun Mantle she took a shipload of the young and the wounded south while Jute stayed behind.[8]

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