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Image of the Week Hall of Fame for 2017
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The list of images which have appeared on the Fan art image of the week feature in 2017 in order of appearance:Edit

Ruin by Slaine69 - 28th November
Karsa the Toblakai by Slaine69 - 21st November
Silence is Raging by Junalesca - 14th November
The Last Ignition by Pearlpencil - 6th November
Tehol by Slaine69 - 24th October
Quick Ben by Krewi - 16th October
Whiskeyjack by Slaine69 - 10th October
Tehol by Slaine69 - 2nd October
Invasion of Letheras by Slaine69 - 25th September
Gothos by McDev - 18th September
Rhulad's Games by Slaine69 - 11th September
Lady Envy by Oldzio-Olditore - 4th September
Karsa by Slaine69 -29th August
Trull by Yapattack - 22nd August
Duiker by Corporal Nobbs - 15th August
Treaching Torcs by Shadaan - 8th August
Whiskeyjack by Slaine69 - 31st August
Clawhunter Apsalar by Corporal Nobbs - 24th July
Vorcan by Shadaan - 18th July
Anomander Rake by Artsed - 10th July
Korlat Andii Soletaken by Shadaan - 4th July
Baran by Seraph777 - 26th of July
Iron Bars by Shadaan - 19th of June
Darujhistan Duel by Dejan Delic - 12th June
Rhulad on the arena by Araiwein - 5th June
Malaz Island by Slaine69 - 29th May
Silchas and Tulas by Puck - 22nd May
Gardens of the Moon by earlinwe - 15th May
Onrack by Jeanfverreault - 8th May
Apsalar by Slaine69 - 2nd May
Itkovian by Artsed - 24th April
4th Squad by Corporal Nobbs - 18th April
Hellian by Coalhands - 11th April
Fiddler by Mister Adam - 4th April
Karsa Orlong by Seraph777 - 27th March
Apsalar by Kremena Chipilova - 21st March
Gruntle the First Sword by mattforsyth - 13th March
Mammot by Kremena Chipilova - 7th March
Tool and Toc by Dark.H - 28th February
Stormy and Gesler by Corporal Nobbs - 21st February
K'azz D'Avore by Corporal Nobbs - 14th February
The Itko Kan Massaker by Corporal Nobbs - 6th February
Moon's Spawn is Rising by A Demon Llama - 30th January
Nimander's Group by Puck - 23rd January
Lady Envy by Celtic Botan - 16th January 2017
Fisher kel Tath by Corporal Nobbs - 13th January 2017

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