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Image of the Week Hall of Fame for 2018
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The list of images which have appeared on the Fan art image of the week feature in 2019 in order of appearance:Edit

Mappo Runt - 30th November
Onos T'oolan - 25th November
Mason of Death - 18th November
Antsy - 11th November
Malaz Plaza - 4th November
Oponn - 28th October
The last Ignition - 21th October
Flooded Raraku - 14th October
Reunion - 7th October
Coltaine - 30th September
Icariums' mechanism - 23th September
Throne of Shadow - 16th September
Phyrlis - 9th September
T'amber - 2nd September
Kruppe vs Brood - 26th August
Tehol - 19th August
Itkovian - 12th August
Silchas Ruin - 5th August
Holding the First Shore - 29th July
Andarist's Grief - 22th July
The Moranth - 15th July
Facing the storm - 8th July
Malaz Island - 1st July
The Rope - 24th June
Bruthen Trana - 17th June
The Stone Bowl - 10th June
Anomander Rake - 3rd June
Gardens of the Moon - 27th May
Fiddler - 20th May
Fear Sengar - 13th May
Apsalar - Assassin of Shaddow - 6th May
Rallick Nom - 29th April
Baaljagg - 22th April
Moon's spawn - 15th April
4th Squad - 8th April
Corabb and Tarr - 1st April
Omtose Phellack - 25th March
The first days of the sundering - 17th March
Whiskeyjack - 10th March
Udinaaas - 3rd March
Yan Tovis and Yedan Derryg - 23th February
Laseen - 17th February
Itkovian's Funeral - 11th February
Circle Breaker - 4th February
Lady Envy and Garath - 28th January
Coll - 21th January
Morn - 14th January

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