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Image of the Week Hall of Fame for 2020
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The list of images which have appeared on the Fan Art Image of the Week feature in 2020 in order of appearance:[]

After the Duel - 30th November
Picker and Blend - 23th November
The Rope - Co-Winner 16th November
Skulldeath - Co-Winner 16th November
Shadowthrone and Quick Ben - 9th November
The Rat Catchers' Guild - 2nd November
Topper and Paran - 19th October
Coltaine - 12th October
Adjunct Lorn - 5th October
Invasion of Letheras - 28th September
Stonny and Gruntle - 21st September
The Snake - 14th September
Stormy and Gesler - 7th September
Cotillion - 31st August
The Rope - 24th August
Himatan - 17th August
Jan and Palla - 10th August
Iron Bars - 3rd August
Andarist - 27th July
Apsalar - 20th July
Crimson Guard - 13th July
T'riss - 6th July
Quick Ben - 29th June
The Mask Council - 22th June
Facing the storm - 15th June
Malazans on the shore - 8th June
Thrones of War - 1st June
The shore does not dream of you - 25th May
Raest - 18th May
Ganoes Paran - 11th May
Sinn - 4th May
Knight of Death - 27th April
Burn - 20th April
Moons spawn rising2.jpg - 13th April
Necromancer's carriage - 6th April
Bruthen Trana - 30th March
Oponn - 23th March
Twilight and the Watch - 16th March
Nimander and the Builder - 9th March
Reunion - 2nd March
Black Coral - 24th February
Shadowthrone - 17th February
Gardens of the Moon - 10th February
T'iam - 3rd February
Imass - 27th January
Captain Kindly - 20th January