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Image of the Week Hall of Fame for 2021
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The list of images which have appeared on the Fan Art Image of the Week feature in 2021 in order of appearance:[]

Bauchelain by HemlockMilk - 25th January
Quick Ben by Dejan Delic - 1st February
Apsalar, Cotillion and Crokus by Puck - 8th February
Coltaine by Shadaan - 15th February
Malazans on our shore by Dejan Delic - 22th February
Toc the Younger by HemlockMilk - 1st March
The Sword by Shadaan - 8th March
Lilac by Puck - 15th March
Silchas Ruin by Meonika - 22th March
Cruise through Flames by Efirende - 29th March
Twilight and the Watch by Corporal Nobbs - 5th April
Tide over the First Shore by Dejan Delic - 12th April
Whiskeyjack by Hemlock Milk - 19th April (tie)
T'iam by Thirteen - 19th April (tie)
Bruthen Trana by SimiofDoom - 26th April (tie)
Shadowthrone and Quick Ben by Zoe Badini - 26th April (tie)
Anomander by HemlockMilk - 3rd May (tie)
Phyrlis by Harkalé Linaï - 3rd May (tie)
Shadowthrone by Ploscost - 10th May
T'riss by Dejan Delic - 17th May
Jan and Palla by Tida Kietsungden - 24th May
Duiker by Corporal Nobbs - 31st May
The Warlord by Taylor Christensen - 7th June
Gruntle by HemlockMilk - 14th June
Laseen by Harkalé Linai - 21st June
Moranth by Max Davenport - 28th June
The Snake by Puck - 5th July
Sergeant Jumpy by PLUGO - 12th July
Fiddler by MisterAdam - 19th July
Vorcan and Taya by Shadaan - 26th July (tie)
Skinner by Corporal Nobbs - 26th July (tie)
Stonny and Gruntle by Dejan Delic - 2nd August
Karsa Orlong by Nik Ivanov - 9th August
Anomander Rake by Blaze Malefica - 16th August
Topper vs Cowl by Shadaan - 23rd August
The Shadowdance by Dejan Delic - 30th August
T'amber by Thirteen - 6th September (tie)
Release by Cadmean - 6th September (tie)
T'riss by Coalhands- 13th September
Kalam by Slaine69 - 20th September
Whiskeyjack by Genesischant - 27th September
Apsalar by Zoe Badini - 4th October
Ganoes Paran by Yapattack - 11th October
Tavore Paran by Corporal Nobbs - 20th October (Tie)
Tavore Paran by Dejan Delic - 20th October (Tie)
Felisin by HemlockMilk - 27th October
Fiddler by Artsed - 10th November
Dujek Onearm by Matt Smith - 24th November
Dancer by Spindrift - 30th November
The Rope by Ylva Ljungqvist