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Vote for the Image of the Week

Due to a major Fandom update the poll feature is currently not working.

The Image of the Week poll has been moved to the Discussion page. Vote Here

Spoiler info: Gardens of the Moon

(portraits of characters are not considered to be spoilers)

Wiki registration is unnecessary • To vote on your mobile you will need to switch to full site view (option is found at the very bottom of this page)


  • Tick the small circle next to the name of your favourite image
  • You can change your vote. If you change, your old vote is subtracted from your previous selection.
  • A new poll will go up when a new Image of the Week is posted.


  • Browse the images in the Spoiler-free Gallery or the main Gallery and post your choice on the Wiki's Nomination page or the Malazan Empire Forum
  • Nominations made after a new poll is posted will be added to the next week's poll.
  • A nominated picture will stay on the poll for 2 weeks (longer if not enough new nominations)
  • Winning pictures can be nominated again after 6 months (exceptions may be made if not enough other new nominations) Past winners and dates are shown in the Archive


Galleries and lists of previous winners of the Image of the Week: