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Imotan was the Shaman of the White Jackal warrior society.[1] He was an old man,[2] bearded, had craggy brows, dressed in the fur of a Jackal, and wore a tall furred hat.[3] He kept his long grey hair tied back with a leather band and carried a short baton tufted in white fur.[4] Imotan was followed everywhere by white-cloaked bodyguards.[5]

In Return of the Crimson Guard[]

Imotan was present at a meeting between Toc the Elder, representing the Seti, and Hurl, representing Storo Matash, the commander of Li Heng. During the meeting it became apparent that there was history and a resulting animosity between the shaman and Liss who was amongst Hurl's entourage.[6]

Later, at a gathering of Seti atamans and shamans, Imotan admitted to Toc the Elder that he agreed with much of what the Seti prophet Wildman claimed: The League and the Malazans intended to use the Seti for their own purposes and should not be trusted. But Imotan claimed his people's spirits disagreed, and that they whispered that an alliance with the League would bring their people's salvation.[7]

When the desparate Li Heng defenders freed the man-jackal Ryllandaras, the power structure amongst the Seti changed and the shamans, with Imotan as their leader, became the voice of the Seti.[8]

Imotan withdrew Seti support from the League at a crucial point in the fight against the Malazans at the Battle of the Plains. When Toc pursued the Seti as they withdrew from battle, Imotan ordered his death, accusing him of making false promises. He also believed that with the coming of Ryllandaras, the Seti had no need for Toc anymore.[9]

Later, Toc's friend Amaron pursued his killer. But he found Imotan's camp destroyed by Ryllandaras, his people massacred, and Imotan's head on a pole. Liss said it happened because Imotan attempted to compel Ryllandaras.[10]

In Kellanved's Reach[]

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