Imparala Ar, also known as the 'Dung God', was one of the "menagerie of disgusting deities" of the Dal Honese.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Sergeant Balm (a Dal Honese), in a drug-induced reverie, saw Imparala Ar as a huge beetle with a wedge-shaped head. 'Huge', that is, for a beetle - the Dung God, standing, antennae waving, would come up to Balm's kneecaps. Imparala Ar spoke to the Sergeant in a voice of thunder - "minute thunder", appropriately - and, unsurprisingly, Balm found that the Dung God stank.[2]

In StonewielderEdit

Suth, a Dal Honese in the Malazan Fourth Army, had occasion to call upon Imparala Ar during the 4th Army's invasion of Korel.[3]


"You [humans], conveyor[s] of waste and maker[s] of rubbish! Follow me, and we shall eat our way into the very Abyss itself!"
―Imparala Ar addressing Balm in his drug-dream[src]

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