The Imperial Arsenal was located in Unta and was the storage site for a vast quantity of the Malazan Empire's Moranth munitions. The weapons were kept in stacked boxes of dark wood seemingly without lock plate or keyhole.[1]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

During the confusion of the Crimson Guard invasion of Unta, the Arsenal was robbed of about half its complement of munitions by former Malazan admiral Cartharon Crust. Crust considered the weapons his "retirement fund" and took them out of Unta on his ship, the Ragstopper.[2][3] After the Arsenal was looted it was set on fire and exploded in what Crimson Guard mage Smoky called the "greatest natural explosion ever yet set off by humans."[4] The explosion completely destroyed the Arsenal and its outbuildings, creating a crater greater than a stone's throw across.[5] The shockwave shattered tiled rooftops across the city, toppled spires, knocked people off their feet, and sent missiles of scorched building stone as far as the harbour. A cloud the size of a mountain loomed over the capital.[6]

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