Imrygyn Tallobant was a historian and writer, born in 1151 BS.[1] It is unclear if Tallobant was identical with, or related to, Imrygyn Tallobant the Younger. The works cited on this page were attributed to Imrygyn Tallobant but it can not be ruled out that some may have been by Tallobant the Younger.

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

During the time of the Whirlwind rebellion, Heboric Light Touch mentioned to Leoman that imperial texts by Tallobant, written in Malazan, were found alongside those by Duiker in libraries.[2]

Known worksEdit

Imperial Campaigns 1158-1194, Volume IV, GenabackisEdit

...In the eighth year the Free Cities of Genabackis established contracts with a number of mercenary armies to oppose the Imperium's advance; prominent among these were the Crimson Guard, under the command of Prince K'azz D'Avore (see Volumes III & V); and the Tiste Andü regiments of Moon's Spawn, under the command of Caladan Brood and others.
The forces of the Malazan Empire, commanded by High Fist Dujek Onearm, consisted in that year of the 2nd, 5th and 6th Armies, as well as legions of Moranth.
In retrospect two observations can be made. The first is that the Moranth alliance of 1156 marked a fundamental change in the science of warfare for the Malazan Imperium, which would prove efficacious in the short term. The second observation worth noting is that the involvement of the sorcerous Tiste Andii of Moon's Spawn represented the beginning of the continent's Sorcery Enfilade, with devastating consequences.
In the Year of Burn's Sleep 1163, the Siege of Pale ended with a now legendary sorcerous conflagration.

Imperial Campaigns 1158-1194 Volume IV, Genabackis
Imrygyn Tallobant (b.1151)[src]

Denizens of RarakuEdit

Bhok'arala seem to have originated in the wastes of Raraku. Before long, these social creatures spread outward and were soon seen throughout Seven Cities. As efficacious rat control in settlements, the bhok'arala were not only tolerated, but often encouraged. It was not long before a lively trade in domesticated breeds became a major export…
The usage and demonic investment of this species among mages and alchemists is a matter for discussion within treatises more specific than this one. Baruk's Three Hundred and Twenty-first Treatise offers a succinct analysis for interested scholars…

Denizens of Raraku
Imrygyn Tallobant[src]

Imperial Campaigns (The Pannion War) 1194-1195, Volume IV, GenabackisEdit

Five mages, an Adjunct, countless Imperial Demons, and the debacle that was Darujhistan, all served to publicly justify the outlawry proclaimed by the Empress on Dujek Onearm and his battered legions. That this freed Onearm and his Host to launch a new campaign, this time as an independent military force, to fashion his own unholy alliances which were destined to result in a continuation of the dreadful Sorcery Enfilade on Genabackis, is, one might argue, incidental. Granted, the countless victims of that devastating time might, should Hood grant them the privilege, voice an entirely different opinion. Perhaps the most poetic detail of what would come to be called the Pannion Wars was in fact a precursor to the entire campaign: the casual, indifferent destruction of a lone, stone bridge, by the Jaghut Tyrant on his ill-fated march to Darujhistan…

Imperial Campaigns (The Pannion War) 1194-1195, Volume IV, Genabackis
Imrygyn Tallobant (b.1151)[src]

The Sha'ik Rebellion, Illusions of VictoryEdit

Among the untried recruits of the Fourteenth Army, fully half originated from the continent of Quon Tali, the very centre of the empire. Young and idealistic, they stepped onto blood-soaked ground, in the wake of the sacrifices made by their fathers and mothers, their grandfathers and grandmothers. It is the horror of war that, with each newly arrived generation, the nightmare is reprised by innocents.

The Sha'ik Rebellion, Illusions of Victory
Imrygyn Tallobant[src]

Imperial Campaigns (The Korel Occupations)Edit

The so-called Malazan ‘empire’ began as a thalassocracy. That is, rule by sea power. In the undignified scholarly scramble to identify and distil the empire’s early stages this truly defining characteristic is usually overlooked. Yet the Malazan expansion was undeniably one of sea power and this was the key to its early successes. It was also the key to one of its early failures: the ill-conceived incursion into the archipelago and subcontinent known variously as Fist, Korel, or the Storm-cursed. For this archipelago was itself a supreme sea power, if non-expansionist. And in the end of course it was the sea that so definitively, and with such finality, put an end to all hostilities.

Imperial Campaigns (The Korel Occupations)
Volume II, Fist
Imrygyn Tallobant[src]

Tallobant in other worksEdit

It was an act driven by a profoundly inward – and backward – looking movement. Who are we outsiders to judge? It was, after all, also driven by the honest (if we may claim misdirected) desire to improve the condition and prospects of the Wickan people … In this regard it must be seen as completely earnest and not in the least duplicitous. Especially when bracketed with the act it then allowed.

The First Civil Wars, Vol. II
Histories in Honour of Tallobant[src]

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