A page to document inconsistencies, impossibilities, printing errors and similar oddities within the Malazan books.

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

  • Calot being incinerated 'within an hour' of him and Tattersail getting dressed for the command meeting would not have been possible - the command meeting took place in the early morning hours and the army had not yet been mobilized. Later on, the troops were waiting before the battle as 'no wind stirred the midday air'.[1]
  • Calot tosses a handkerchief to Dujek Onearm. It then says the 'High Mage' snagged it. It clearly should read the High Fist as Dujek then proceeds to use it.[2]
  • The UK MMPB edition states that leaving 'Mallet's tenement' had been easy for Crokus Younghand and Apsalar. However, as the two had been holed up in Mammot's place it is most likely that Mallet's appearance in the following chapter caused a confusion between Mammot and Mallet - rather than 'Mallet' being a name for the tenement where Mammot resides.[3]
  • Orfantal speaks to Korlat and in her response is called 'dear sister', although Orfantal is described as male and named Korlat's brother for the rest of the series. Presumably this is a continuity mistake.[4]
  • A poem called The Conspiracy appears in the epigraph of Chapter 13 and is attributed to Blind Gallan. The epigraph lists Gallan's birth as 1078, but Gallan later appears in the Kharkanas Trilogy, which seems to take place hundreds of thousands of years before Gardens of the Moon.

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

In House of ChainsEdit

In Midnight TidesEdit

In Reaper's GaleEdit

In Dust of DreamsEdit

  • Tavore addressed Lostara, who is a Captain the rest of the time, as Lieutenant.[15]

In The Crippled GodEdit

Errors in the main Dramatis PersonaeEdit

Errors in Appendix:Dramatis PersonaeEdit

  • "Wimble Thrup" is a misprint for Himble Thrup.
  • "Nemanda" is a misprint for Nenanda.
  • "Silk Warchief-Spax" is a misprint for Gilk Warchief Spax.
  • "Prazek Gowl" is a misprint for Prazek Goul.
  • "Aimanan Hood" is a misprint for the entry Aimanan and the separate entry Hood.
  • "THE SHAKE" heading needs to be inserted between the entries "Saddic", a Snake member, and "Yan Tovis", a Shake member, in the (A:DP).
  • "THE HOST" entries Skintick, Desra and Nemanda [sic] should be deleted. The entries "Skintick", "Desra" and "Nenanda" are correctly found in "THE TISTE ANDII" section of the (A:DP) only.
  • "Shadowthrone (Ammeanas)" is a misprint for "Shadowthrone (Ammanas)".

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

  • Difference between editions in Chapter 11. Topper asks Barathol if he is Kalam's relation/brother (depending on edition).[16] See forum thread for a discussion on the topic.

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

  • During a sea raid upon the Quon Tali city of Cawn by the privateer fleet out of Malaz City led by Mock aboard his man-o-war flagship, the Insufferable, the names of its two flanking men-o-war, the Intolerant and the Intemperate were — in one place only — mistakenly referred to as the Intolerable and the Insolent.[17] Later, in the same sea-action, the two flanking men-o-war were called by their correct names.[18] It was very unlikely that the Malazan fleet had two additional men-o-war never mentioned but this single time.

In Kellanved's ReachEdit

  • In an apparently inadvertent error of some sort, the name — "Fingers" — appeared exactly once in KR. "Fingers" was used to seemingly refer to a major character in the book,[19] who was consistently referred to by a completely different name — "Haraj" — throughout the rest of Kellanved's Reach.

In Fall of LightEdit

  • Sergeant Bered is mistakenly called Sergeant Bursa throughout the book.[20]

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