Intransigent, a Lesser Watered Forkrul Assail (i.e., part-Human and, to a 'lesser' extent, part-Assail), was the Inquisitor of the 'Southern Fleet' - which was responsible for patrolling the waters to the south of Kolanse. Intransigent's pale-skinned figure was tall and eerily sketetal, clad in a thick, bejeweled cloak of dark blue, well-oiled wool, while golden torcs encircling her long neck. Her shaved head emphasized the angled planes of her skull, while smiling made her face seem to fold in half inward.

Intransigent's two-masted ship gave the impression of being skeletal as well, as it was constructed of a mixture of bone-colored and matte black woods, and was built with a narrow breadth of beam and a high forecastle, but still being large enough to be manned by some seventy sailors and to carry about twenty marines.[1]

In The Crippled GodEdit

The vessel of the Lesser Watered Assail, temporarily separated from the rest of her fleet by a storm, came upon the ship taking Shurq Elalle, Princess Felash of Bolkando, and Felash's handmaiden to Kolanse where their intention had been to join up with the fleet of the Perish Grey Helms. Being threatened with 'adjudication' (i.e., execution) by Intransigent, Felash had sent her handmaiden over to the Assail ship to deal with the situation.[2]

After eliminating the entire crew of the Southern Fleet ship, slaying its complete complement of heavily-armored marines and finishing off Lesser Watered Intransigent, the handmaiden set the Assail vessel ablaze and then returned, unscathed, to the other ship and to her mistress, the Princess.[3]


Intransigent: "Inform your captain...that having entered territorial waters, she must abide by the laws of High Kolanse...she and her crew - including all passengers - must accept adjudication."
Handmaiden: "By 'adjudication' do you mean killing?"
Intransigent: "The Proclamation of Restitution has been sanctioned. We continue the task."
―Lesser Watered Intransigent and the Handmaiden of Princess Felash[src]

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