Invett Loath was the Purest of Paladins and the foremost Well Knight of Quaint. He served the Lady of Beneficence in her mission to bring blessed conformity and healthful suffering to her worshippers. No weakness or vice could be detected in the Gloriously Pure One. To dispute his perfection served only to reveal the imperfection of the disputer.[1]

Invett had a square jaw, large nose, and nearly blemish-free skin that had a purplish hue because of his superior circulatory system. He wore the highly polished, silver-etched armor indicative of his rank.[2]

In The Healthy DeadEdit

Loath was brought to the scene of foreman Imid Factallo's accident and declared him a Saint of Glorious Labour.[3] Later he came upon Well Knight Storkul Purge confronting Emancipor Reese, who bystanders claimed to be the prophesized First Saint of Most Glorious Labour. For causing a "situation", Loath ordered Storkul to the Day Temple of Wellness to await Knightly Judgment.[4]

Loath brought Reese directly before the king. But in the process, Reese lent Loath his D'bayang tainted handkerchief, which set the mind altered Paladin of Perfection on a righteous mission to adjudicate the entire sinful population at swordpoint.[5] Mass chaos ensued.

The drug-addled Paladin of Proper had never felt more alive than when he was "leading the vanguard of vigor to their healthy, thankful deaths". Then he ran into the alley where the massive Demon of Corpulence, Nauseo Sloven, was trapped by his own weight. Nauseo defended himself against Loath's sword thrusts by embracing the Paladin of Probity in his pimply, greasy armpit. Loath's last thoughts were of yoghurt.[6]

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