Irkullas had been for three decades the 'Sceptre' of the Akrynnai people of the central plains of the Lether continent.[1][2] During this period, Sceptre Irkullas, characteristically stubborn and slow to anger, had successfully led the "most-feared" cavalry on the Lether plains: not having been defeated even once. His ferociousness and cunning had led to the deaths of at least a dozen Letherii generals - as well as to the crushing of other invaders from the Awl and the D'rhasilhani people. In time, the Sceptre reached an age when he was looking forward to peace and a quiet life and to having the time to devote himself to playing with his numerous grandchildren.[3]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

After the White Face Barghast had begun vicious and unprovoked[4][5] attacks against the Akrynnai, Irkullas did not hesitate to gather together his warriors, as well as the various allies of the Akrynnai, in order to wage retributive war on the Barghast.[6]

The Akrynnai and their allies, under the command of Sceptre Irkullas, achieved great success with their attacks upon the various White Face Barghast clan encampments - leaving the survivors scattered and fleeing for their lives - until the Barghast combined army was composed mainly of Clan Barahn and Clan Senan.[7][8]

Once the Akrynnai force finally came face to face with the combined Barghast army, Sceptre Irkullas wasted no time in engaging them in combat.[9] However, while the two sides fought fiercely against each other, a strange 'storm' - characterized by unbelievably frigid temperatures - froze completely solid the combatants of both the Akrynnai and the Barghast armies. Irkullas had absolutely no idea what was causing this death-dealing phenomenon. The Sceptre was one of the very last warriors to die.[10]

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