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Isana Pura was the southern capital of the Kingdom of the Thaumaturgs, holding this position as it was also its ritual centre.[1] The city itself was located in a valley,[2] with its surrounds encompassing a large amount of fields or other agriculturally based areas, with a complex irrigation system as a part of it.[3] The larger city area was approximated to house one million citizens, with the city's streets being like a maze[3] as the many squat buildings were constructed similarly.[4][5] Towards the centre of the city lay a larger compound, home to the city's Thaumaturg masters, which was also identifiable from its towers, bell-shaped and pointed, yet domed.[3]

The Thaumaturg compound itself was largely deceiving, having a number of squat towers over it, making it appear to be larger than the other buildings around.[6] This however was not where the Thaumaturgs worked, they largely kept to a subterranean tunnel system, where the bulk of their classrooms, dormitories and morgues - as their primary interest was the investigation of the human body - were all held.[6][7]

In Blood and Bone[]

Isana Pura was the first city that the Adwami raid reached.[2] The city put up very little resistance, with only a small number of Thaumaturg mages and no soldiers (bar the yakshaka bodyguards) present in the city, resulting in a swift victory for the Adwami, their mercenary employees, and the Shaduwam who took advantage of the Adwami raid to take vengeance on the Thaumaturg.[6]

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