King Iskar Jarak of the Mezla was known to the Anibar tribe of the Jhag Odhan as the Iron Prophet.[1]

During the Malazan invasion of Seven Cities, which the Anibar knew as the Time of Great Slaying, many Ugari had fled their settlements to take refuge among the Anibar. The Mezla followed and there was a great battle that saw the Ugari defeated and killed. The Anibar feared Mezla retribution for sheltering the Ugari and prepared to flee deeper into the Odhan. But the Mezla leader, King Iskar Jarak, and a hundred of his soldiers intercepted them. He told the Anibar they were not his enemy, but warned that others were coming and they would destroy the Anibar without mercy if they found them.[1]

The Anibar took the King's advice and fled to new homelands in the north and west. King Iskar Jarak became known as the Iron Prophet by the Anibar and it was foretold that one day, in time of the Anibar's greatest peril, wielders of the birth-stone would come to defend the Anibar.[1]


"'He spoke of those who would fall, and in his cold eyes stood naked the truth that it was we of whom he spoke. Words of broken reeds and covenants of despair, of surrender given as gifts and slaughter in the name of salvation. He spoke of the spilling of war, and he told us to flee into unknown lands, so that we might be spared the spoiling of our lives...'"
―Words of the Iron Prophet Iskar Jarak
The Anibar (the Wickerfolk)[src]
"Not even the dead know the end to war."
―Iskar Jarak[src]
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